All For One

Creating a Wallet

There are three ways to create a self-custody wallet in All For One™:

Pick Your Poison

Each method has its own set of pros and cons. Be sure to pick the method that's right for you.
Seed Phrase
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Shamir's Secret Sharing (SSS)
You can generate a wallet with a seed phrase backup, the current de-facto standard.
  • Very secure when managed properly
  • Most common method to create and manage self-custody wallets
  • Familiar and well understood by crypto veterans
  • Relatively easy to get started
  • Confusing for those newer to crypto
  • Seed phrase mismanagement can lead to a total loss
  • Without a backup, wallet is non-recoverable in the event your device is lost, damaged, or stolen
You can create a wallet using Web3Auth, which supports these Single-Sign On (SSO) logins:
  • Apple
  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Easiest and fastest way for new users to get started
  • Follows a more traditional user sign-in flow
  • Well-audited process by trusted third-parties
  • Even without a backup, wallet is fully recoverable in the event your device is lost, damaged, or stolen
  • Most centralized of all the options
  • Encrypted key fragments are stored online, not locally on your device
  • Security is only as good as the security of your social logins
You can generate a wallet with a backup of multiple shares using the Shamir's Secret Sharing (SSS) algorithm which, when partially recombined, can be used to recover your wallet.
  • Extremely secure when managed properly
  • Appealing to advanced crypto enthusiasts and security experts
  • Reduces the risk of physical backups being used to compromise your wallet
  • A safer way to electronically backup your wallet
  • Most complex and least accessible of all the options
  • Requires a significant amount of manual set-up to properly backup a wallet
  • Security is only as good as to how well you backup your shares